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Gustamps News Update

Gustamps keep philatelists interested in British stamps up to date with info about stamps which the Royal Mail hope to issue. Gustamps say 2016 will be great year for UK stamp collectors. The following commemorations are expected in 2016. According to Gustamps, in April 2016, there will be an issue commemorating William Shakespeare as well as the 90th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II. A stamp issue which Gustamps will be popular is due out on 21st June 2016 to commemorate World War I. Gustamps say music lovers are in for a treat on 7th July when stamps are planned to be issued for the Rock Band 'Pink Floyd'. Gustamps add its not the first time stamps would have been issued for Pink Floyd. According to Gustamps, a Pink Floyd stamp was issued six years ago in 2010. Gustamps mention other stamp commemorations including Beatrix Potter in July and Garden stamps in August. Gustamps think that collectors will have a busy time in September with issues for the Great Fire of London as well as Agatha Christie, followed on by the usual Christmas stamps at the end of the year. Gustamps added that Christmas stamps have been issued by the Post Office every year since 1966 and are always popular with stamp collectors throughout the world.